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Houston Roofing Specialist is a subsidiary of Knight's General Contractors, which was established 10 years ago and is still operating in Houston and the surrounding areas. Richard Knight, owner and daily operations manager of both Houston Roofing Specialist and Knight's General Contractors is a third generation contractor.   

In the early 1970's Mr. Knight's grandfather started a small construction company called Knight's Construction.  By the mid 1970's Knight's Construction had grown to become a major construction company in the Houston area. This growth continued throughout the 1980's, when Mr. Knight's father took control of the day to day operations of Knight's Construction.  Throughout the 1980's and early 90's Knight's Construction continued to flourish.   

In the early 1990's taking a cue from both his father and grandfather Mr. Knight formed Knight's General Contractors.  After years of success with Knight's General Contractors, Mr. Knight made the decision to create a company with the more specialized focus of providing high quality affordable roofing for his Texas neighbors and Houston Roofing Specialist was born.


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